Website content is the most important marketing tool

Many new clients are convinced that visibility in the search engines is the one and only factor keeping them from generating more sales.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

After doing SEO for 14 years I can tell you that it is what happens after a visitor arrives on your site that determines if a sale will take place.

Many new clients are already receiving good targeted traffic BUT their Web site design/content is not responding to the traffic and so few, if any, sales occur. My most profitable clients became that way because they followed my recommendations on how to change their design and content to better respond to specific traffic groups that are visiting their site.

Keep in mind that few visitors want to or will visit all your pages. Reality is that people are busy and so want to find their information quickly and easily. The more services/products your business has, the larger and more detailed your site has to be.

Content is king and generates sales. Visibility generates traffic. There is a huge difference between those two metrics!

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