Does my business need Twitter?

I did a pop poll of 40 business owners a few weeks ago all of whom had websites and none of whom received or sent a tweet in the last month. Some would say these business owners are out of touch. But are they?

The truth is that if your target market is not tweeting, why should you be “forced” into opening a twitter account just because the “buzz” is that EVERY online business needs to be tweeting all day, every day.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your market determines which (if any) social media your company should use. The only people who think ALL social media are for EVERY online business are those who are selling the hype and not the reality.

Poll you existing clients. Ask them which social media they use and why. Since your clients are the ones who do busness with you, their feedback is what counts. But keep in mind trends change and what isn’t usefull today, may be popular tomorrow. i.e. redo that poll every 6 months!

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