Anti-Virus software no longer protects us -including YOU!

I am not making this up. Like all of you, I take every possible precaution before I open an email, download an attachment or visit a website I don’t know. My assumption is my anti-virus software will protect me.

Published: December 31, 2012 in the NY Times.

Update re Loblaw’s Social Media Nightmare

Even though Loblaw’s and YoPro Yogurt are now talking, Loblaw’s HUGE mistake is they are not using social media to counter the very negative publicity they have received.

Their silence is hurting them badly.

While their lawyers may be advising them to remain silent, that is not the way to go. At the very least they could upload a video of Galen Weston Jr the owner of Loblaw’s where he talks to us, his customers, explaining how he is doing all that he can do to resolve the situation. And that he will keep us all updated.

If their idea is to issue press releases and give interviews to reporters, it isn’t working. We, the people have effectively replaced traditional media as the voice of the news.In the age of 24/7 twitter and Blogs, silence is usually a very bad strategy.

As in most sensational news story, the accused get huge headlines, the result of the trial, even if innocent of all charges is usually buried on page 6. No matter how this issue with YoPro Yogurt is resolved, here is a prediction: Even if YoPro wins on all points, that news will never be as viral as the original complaint.

What should Loblaw’s have done? They could have uploaded their own video within 24 hours and linked it from the original. All they had to say was that they were concerned, trying to resolve this and planning to meet with YoPro to discuss all as soon as possible. No admissions of any kind, but that would have diffused a lot of the negative publicity.

Yopro continues to suffer as a result of all of this