Is my Website working properly? I have no sales or inquires!

Very often the answer to the above question involves a series of investigations related to search engine visibility (can your site be found in the search engines) and also Web site usability (are visitors responding favorably to your site).

Many times site owners are in fact receiving visitors BUT the traffic is not responsive to the design and the content of your site. In these cases, you can be number one on Google and Yahoo on every keyword and your site still will not generate business.

Most of the time your marketing problem is actually a Web site problem. Simply put, visitors do not like your site.

This is why it is of critical importance to analyze your site traffic on an ongoing basis and continually made modifications to improve your site’s ability to convert visitors to customers. If you have no idea what your visitors are doing on your site, how can you possibly understand where the weak areas are and what needs to be changed to get more visitors interested?

This is why Emarketing-Canada does extensive Web site analysis on a continual basis. The fact is, if you have a product or service that people want, your site should be generating some sales IF it is getting traffic and IF visitors like your site.

William Lurie

Social Media Hype

A lot of hype is filling up the Internet about why your business needs to be active in social media. And make no mistake about it, it is mostly hype.

Many studies are currently showing that around 2% of sales are coming from social media efforts. While this will vary depending upon your business sector, you must consider how much effort and expense you are willing to go to for a return of 2%.

The one determining factor for our clients is that Google considers social media channels imporatant and thus gives a relevancy boost in the rankings for sites that have links to social media channels. For the most part Google does not care how many friends you have they just care that you have an active Facebook link. They also don’t care how many people are seeing your Blog, but they like the idea that you have a blog that is updated at least once a month.

Other social media channels are just as important and in some cases they may generate new sales. But keep in mind that in many cases they will not.