Social Media Disasters

You would think that the biggest companies would get their Social Media campaigns planned to perfection and launched without any problems. However this is not always the case.

Follow the link below to read about some very unintended consequences.

Peter Carr PhD the author of the above linked post is a professor in the Department of Managements Sciences at the University of Waterloo. His interests include the use of social media to improve business operations.

Customer Service Nightmares that destroy all marketing efforts

Think your company has a problem with a customer service issue?

Loblaws in Canada is being sued by one of their suppliers who, frustrated with the legal process, made a YouTube video that went viral and Loblaw’s is now being threatened with a national boycott by thousands of enraged customers who have taken the supplier’s side.

Her video can be see here:

Free Shipping for eCommerce – Good Idea or Not?

Marina Strauss of the globe and mail wrote a great article December on Canadian online shopping sites that are reacting to what their American counterparts are doing online..

That article can be read here:

Tell me your experiences with Free Shipping. Does your site offer it? What restrictions (if any) are there? Do you offer Free Shipping 12 months a year or is it seasonal? Did your site start out with Free Shipping or did you add that feature later? Why did you add it?

And most importantly, how has Free Shipping impacted your sales?